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Digital Guidelines

Digital Imagery

The three primary file types that should be used are JPG, PNG and GIF. Google has provided this nice explanation of when to use each format. In some instances an SVG file is acceptable. Below are some tips on when to use each file format.

Photos: Use JPG always.

Infographics, text-only graphics or images with no photos: Use PNG.

Short animation: Use a GIF

Long animation (more than 10 seconds or so): Use a MP4 video.

In some cases, it is difficult to determine the best file type, particularly with infographics. See example. In most cases, it makes sense to create a JPG because it will preserve the photo the best. You may need to adjust the quality on the export settings in Photoshop so you don’t see artifacts around the infographic parts of the image. Alternatively, a PNG may provide adequate photo preservation while removing artifacts from the infographic portion of the image. Typically it is trial and error to see which is best.

Email Signatures

If you are a PC user and would like to create a branded email signature please follow the directions below. If you are a Mac user and need assistance (the color palette is a bit different), please contact Melody VanderLeest at ext. 7617.

  1. Click to open a new email.
  2. Click on the “Signature” icon at the top of your email template and then click on “Signatures…” at the bottom of the dropdown menu that appears.
  3. In the “Signatures and Stationer y” dialogue box, under “Select signature to edit”, click on “New.”
  4. Name is in Calibri (Body) 14 pt. Bold all caps.
  5. First name all caps in Red (under Standard Colors, second from left on color chart).
  6. Last name all caps in Gray (under Theme Colors, bottom of first column on color chart).
  7. The email address is listed in Blue (under Theme Colors, fifth column from left on color chart, second from bottom).
  8. Vertical line to separate text elements is above the backslash key on most keyboards. Leave one space before and after the vertical line between the text elements.
  9. Double space after postal address.
  10. The Central College logo can be downloaded here.
  11. If you choose to include any additional content, such as a quote or tagline related to your work, we ask that you add it below the logo.

Central College email signature example

Social Media

The college’s graphic identity can be adapted for social media use, but with some restrictions. Please contact Jordan Bohr or Cyvannah Vecchio in the Central College Communications Office for additional information and assistance.

Jordan Bohr

Jordan Bohr

Online Communications Specialist
Phone: 641-628-5444

Cyvannah Vecchio

Cyvannah Vecchio

Content Specialist – Editorial
Phone: 641-6285157

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