Central College Brand

Writing About Central

How to Write About Central College

“How do I write about Central in brand language?” is a common question. By keeping a few things in mind, your writing can help convey the personality of the college. One tool that can help you is Central’s style guide. The guide describes how we use punctuation, words and grammar consistently. For example, we don’t write “dorm” but instead use “residence hall.” It is correct to capitalize Homecoming and other events on campus. Generally, the college’s official materials adhere to AP Style.

There is also the question of voice. How should our writing sound? We want writing about Central to display the same personality across multiple channels, whether we’re speaking to prospective students, alumni, community members, faculty or current students. This doesn’t mean we write for donors in exactly the same tone we use for prospective students. But there are still things we can do to maintain a consistent voice for the college.

Key Ideas

Remember the brand pillars

In all written materials, think about how the message aligns with those pillars. The pillars are not taglines to be added to copy, but inspiration to help you focus your writing on key themes.

Here are some examples for the pillar “Supported and challenged to be your best.”

The academics page of the Central website wants to convey quality of programs.

“When you graduate from Central, you’ll leave with more than just a degree.
You’ll have an education that has prepared you with critical thinking skills, a cultural perspective and effective communication skills that will take you further than you ever dreamed.”

An email to prospective students urges them to visit campus.

“At Central, we believe one person can make a difference! Join us on campus for Spring Visit Day to discover why Central is the best place to make an impact and jumpstart your future.”

The Journey Scholarship brochure promotes the value of a Central education to donors.

“Helping students discover and develop their greatest potential”

It’s all about the audience

Try to put the audience at the center of the communication.

Instead of: Central offers a wide variety of majors.
Use: You’ll have access to 73 outstanding academic programs.

Instead of: Students value the scholarships provided by donors.
Use: Your gift makes a Central education possible.

Brand Voice Examples

Central’s voice is bold, direct and fresh. Copy should project confidence, be specific and can venture into the playful. Use active voice, not passive, and avoid overly technical language or jargon.

Central’s brand character is expressed through ideas such as: Intentional, Honest, Encouraging, Hardworking, Challenging and Dedicated. These are characteristics about Central to keep in mind for inspiration, not necessarily words to include in copy.

For instance:

Audience: Prospective students

Students have access to great classes.


High-quality academics challenge you to be curious.

Audience: Parents

Hands-on learning is part of many courses.


Roll-up-your-sleeves, hands-on learning lets students gain tangible, real-life experience in the classroom.

Audience: Prospective students

Fall is a wonderful time to visit Central, full of many activities.


Campus is alive with fall color and bustling with activities like ensemble concerts, football games and coffee dates at Geisler Café.

Audience: Community

A liberal arts education leads to well-rounded students.


Students grow into polished professionals who can read, think and speak clearly.

Audience: Alumni

The Journey Scholarship Fund assists students in achieving their goal of a Central education.


Your gifts to the Journey Scholarship Fund make it possible for hundreds of students to choose Central.

Audience: Job seekers

Central provides a supportive work environment for employees.


Central values what we can accomplish together and supports individual success, strengthening one another along the way.