Brand Foundation

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Our brand ethos is the essential character of Central, expressed in an emotional, persuasive and definitive manner.

It is the “about us” statement we use to inspire and describe the college to everyone.


Empathy is the core value and a cornerstone of Central College. Everything we do is intended to help our students develop this important capacity. A compassionate, empathetic heart starts with an open mind, which allows us to see the world through another’s eyes. It allows us to see ourselves in others and binds us together in a fair, productive and caring community.


ALL is what you give to your team — and get back from it in return.

It’s the community that comes together for the benefit of everyone.

It’s who supports you through the rough times and celebrates your good times.

All helps you become stronger, so you can be strong for All.


ONE is your personal best, a selfless contribution to your future, your school, your community.

It’s wanting to be a part of something bigger and knowing you have what it takes to contribute.

One is a powerhouse with a purpose, a force to be reckoned with.

One can make all the difference.

Promise Statement

Our brand promise is what Central delivers to our students. Central College welcomes with open arms, fuels open minds and opens doors of opportunities for a lifetime.





Brand Character

Our character is the DNA that forms Central’s unique identity. These are the emotions we convey when we talk about Central but are not necessarily the words we use to do so.

Prepare to Be Your Best

Central students are a unique breed who inherently strive to achieve beyond personal expectations while also helping to better those around them. This is how they approach life, community, friends and loved ones. Central students are compassionate students who desire to challenge themselves while preparing for a life of outstanding service and achievement.

  • Empathy
  • Intentional
  • Honest
  • Encouraging
  • Hardworking
  • Challenging
  • Dedicated
  • Lasting Relationships
  • Teamwork
  • Focused
  • Community

Brand Pillars and Strategic Point of View

These pillars define who we are, how we work together, how we relate to one another and the world and what we have to offer those who join the Central family.

Open Arms

We Welcome Everyone to Central With Open Arms.

Personal attention and support make Central a community in which everyone counts. We lead with heart and educate altruistic leaders who will build a more empathetic world. We offer genuine, resounding acceptance and appreciation to each individual, no matter who they are, where they come from or what their role is here. We demonstrate this generosity of spirit in every communication and every interaction we have with one another. We embrace our accountability and responsibility to others and demonstrate these qualities through our collegiality, teamwork, humility and respect. We are hardwired to care.

Open Minds

Central Is a Place Where Open Minds Get Their Start.

We practice the free, open and civil exchange of ideas and take an empathetic, open stance in the world. We grapple with differing and sometimes opposing ideas, discovering and evolving our own perspectives while gaining empathy for those held by others. By practicing this balance of compassion and reason, we hone the mental agility, flexibility and critical skills necessary to successfully navigate and meaningfully contribute in a complex world. Here, students can try something new surrounded by people willing to support them every step of the way.

Open Doors

Opportunity Knocks Loudly Here.

We open doors to new ideas, understanding, mastery and meaningful relationships. These doors are everywhere at Central: in classrooms, in co-curricular organizations and activities, and in research, internship, service and study abroad experiences. Faculty, staff, students and alumni open doors for one another as teachers, colleagues, fellow learners and mentors. These often lead to graduate study, careers or other pursuits. Once you open those doors, anything is possible.

For a Lifetime

You Don’t Just Attend Central. You Join It for Life.

Choosing Central is choosing a relationship with a community of people dedicated to giving back — to each other, to Central, to their communities and to the world. We don’t just study, work or graduate from here — we belong here. After graduation, we attend Central events, mentor students and support the college and fellow alumni. The Central experience literally creates connections and opens doors to a future filled with relationships we all can lean into time and time again. Once you’ve been a part of Central, you will remain Forever Dutch!

Brand Video

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Living out Our Brand

The Central brand is who we are and what we deliver to every Central student.

Each one of us helps deliver on that promise, although each office’s role in that process is different.

No matter what our position or role, the words and actions of all the Central family make Central what it is and define how we interact with each other. As members of the Central family, we:

  • Lead with empathy.
  • Help keep students, colleagues and guests safe on campus.
  • Support and participate in campus activities.
  • Help students explore their passions through service, internships, research and student employment.
  • Treat everyone on campus with dignity. Use eye contact and courteous tone to show respect.
  • Listen well so we can understand each other.
  • Are pleasant and cooperative when communicating face to face, on the phone and through emails.
  • Take responsibility for our work and be true to our word. If we can’t answer a question, we help find someone who can. If we can’t respond promptly to a request, we let others know to expect a delay.
  • Encourage feedback and suggestions to improve our work. We share concerns in a constructive manner. We help make appropriate changes to enrich Central as a high-quality institution.
  • Show our pride by wearing Central apparel when out and about — and remember a highly visible component of Central’s brand is to wear RED!

Remember, we are Central College! Our families, neighbors, friends, church families, colleagues, acquaintances and social media connections learn about Central from us. Word of mouth and personal experiences are powerful. We deliver on high expectations to prospective students, families, employees and visitors.