Central College Brand

Graphic Identity

Logo Usage

Our logo is Central College’s graphic identity. It represents the college in the simplest form, so it is important to use it correctly and consistently. Doing so helps build Central’s brand and protects its value.

This two-color, centered format is Central’s primary logo. It should be the first choice for all applications. One-color options are also available.

Central College Logo

Logo Version: reverse

In addition to the one- and two-color logo formats, it is acceptable to use the logo as reverse over dark colors or images. When the logo is used over an image please take care to place it over simpler areas, to protect readability and recognition.

Use this version when using the logo on a RED background.

Central College Logo Inverse

Logo Version: City/State

In some applications, the addition of Central’s city and state may be needed.

Central College Logo City and State

Logo Version: City/State

An address and zip code may be added for mailings.

Central College logo with address unit

Logo Version: Departments

A department name can be added to the logo for communications specific to that area. The graphic identity below is provided as an illustration. Please contact the communications office if there is a need for a version for another department. Do NOT create your own version.

Central College Logo with Department

For longer department names use a small font size and less kerning so the title has a similar visual weight as a shorter name.

Central College Logo with long department name

Spacing Rule

This logo was created to work on a large variety of applications. Size it appropriate to each specific use. The logo should have a balanced presence on the page in comparison to the other graphic elements. When positioning it close to other elements, make sure to give the logo spacing to maintain readability and integrity.

Use the C in Central as a guide for the minimum spacing, on all sides. This spacing applies to all formats of the logo.

Central College Logo Spacing Rules

Nonacceptable uses

The logo has been created with a specific balance and format as one unit that represents the brand. It should always be used consistently as it has been created. Do NOT alter the logo format or colors.

Do NOT distort the proportion of the logo.

Central College illegal logo use - skewed

Do NOT change the size relationship of the different elements.

Central College illegal logo use - elements

Do NOT apply any effects.

Central College illegal logo use - effects

Do NOT change the colors.

Central College illegal logo use - colors

Do NOT create your own version of the department name unit.

Central College illegal logo use - department

 Download the logo:

EPS versions for print use:

JPG versions for print use:

PNG versions for print use:

Central College seal

Central College has an official seal. It will only be used on official college documents such as transcripts and diplomas. It is NOT to be used without the permission of the Central Communications Office.

Color Palette

Our school colors truly signify the boldness of the Central mission — to go out into the world and always strive for the best. Additionally, they signify both the support you will receive at Central and the personal confidence that will result.

Use these colors consistently to maintain the brand. It is acceptable to use screens of Cool Gray 11 and black, but do NOT screen PMS 186 red.

186 M
Cool Gray 11

Web/Digital Colors

Because digital displays use a different method to create color, we use slightly different colors for digital use. The colors are to be used for anything that will be displayed digitally.


Primary Red
Secondary Red
Tertiary Red


Primary Gray
Secondary Gray
Tertiary Gray


Nobel Book and Nobel Bold are the primary fonts used. Nobel Book is used for large amounts of text or body copy. Nobel Bold is used for all headlines and titles. Nobel Regular is used for most lists as well as if a slight bold is needed for body text. Arial can be used as a substitute font if Nobel is unavailable.



Nobel Book


Nobel Bold


Logo Fonts

Zurich Roman is used in conjunction with the logo to denote a department name. If the department name is longer than the width of the logo, it is acceptable to wrap the name into two lines.





Web fonts:

Lato is the primary font used on the website. Rokkit is used for headings. These fonts can be loaded through the Google font library. Please use Arial and sans-serif as a fallback when these web fonts can’t be loaded.