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Please contact Central Communications before contracting with outside vendors for photo and video needs. We want to ensure alignment with our brand, ensure campus policies are followed and collaborate to reach appropriate audiences.

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Tips for Smartphone Photo/Video

There may be instances where capturing a moment does not require a “professional” camera. We like good cell phone pictures, too. In that case, please follow these best practices.

  1. Shoot horizontal. Vertical video almost always says “amateur” unless you are shooting for a specific audience that will only be viewing your video vertically.
  2. Stay steady. Use both hands and plant your feet firmly. If possible, use a tripod or holder.
  3. Put subject in good lighting. Have subject face a window or light source. Don’t backlight (i.e. avoid shooting subject with a much lighter background, like a window). The camera will over-adjust and most likely make the subject dark.
  4. Fill the frame with your subject. Don’t shoot from far away. This will give the audience a better view of the action and provide better audio.
  5. Get close for good audio. The closer the microphone is to the subject, the clearer the audio will be. For interviews, put the phone as close as possible to the subject’s face. If possible, use an attachable mic.


Recording Personal Messages

Shoot in HD

Check your camera settings to ensure you’re shooting at the highest possible quality. We recommend using your phone first, but you could also use your computer webcam.

Keep It Lit

The shot should be well-lit, especially your face. It should feel warm and bright, not like you’re shooting in a dungeon. Take advantage of natural lighting by facing a window. Or strategically place a lamp near your face. Please don’t move too far away from the camera. We want to see your friendly face!

Speak up!

Make sure you speak clearly and have your face within a foot or two of the microphone. Tell your kids and pets to be “quiet on the set” to minimize background noise.

Be Aware of Your Background

The background can be comfortable and homey, but shouldn’t be overly cluttered or distracting. Central gear or decor would definitely be a plus!

Share It!

Send us the final file in the highest quality that you can. We recommend using WeTransfer and sending the file to Often, messaging and texting apps will try to shrink the file, so we discourage that method of sharing. Depending on your particular circumstance, we’d suggest the following alternatives to WeTransfer: email, Dropbox, OneDrive, or uploading the video to YouTube in a private link. If you run into hiccups, please reach out and we’ll do our best to help!


Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Let’s bring a little Central cheer to our Zoom classrooms and meetings! To add these backgrounds to your Zoom account:

  1. Click the images below to view full-size and right-click to save.
  2. Open Zoom.
  3. Click the arrow near the video icon at the bottom left.
  4. Select “Choose a Virtual Background.” Here you can upload the image and set it as your background.

Note: The image may appear to be reversed; however, it will be shown correctly to your classroom or meeting attendees.



To help build the Central College brand, high-quality photography is essential. Whether the subject is a building, an object or a person, the quality of the photograph should always be superior. The style should convey an in-the-moment, editorial mood, making you feel like you could step into the Central community and be welcomed at any time.

Photos should not appear quiet, deserted or isolated. Photography needs to reflect open arms, open minds and open doors for a lifetime. The Central campus is a vibrant, lively place, full of activity and involvement, and all photography needs to showcase students, staff, faculty and the broader campus community coming together to support and inspire one another.

Finally, use only high-resolution photography in all instances to ensure the best reproduction value. Contact Central Communications for photo needs.

Download Photos

The following images are examples of branded photography available for use. Click images to view full-size and right-click to save.


Video Requests

In some instances, a video can showcase the Central College brand in ways that a photograph can’t. Please direct video requests to the Office of Communications.

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Branded GIFs

Central has a growing library of branded GIFs available for use. See more at Central’s official GIPHY channel.

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GIF of Big Red dancing.