Livestreaming & Recording

Livestreaming and recording services are available at Central College. Services range from single-camera recording to multi-camera livestreaming productions of campus events. Central Dutch Network is the primary platform for all livestreamed, recorded and on-demand events. Central Communications will work with clients to evaluate production needs and staffing and keeps the college’s event calendar up to date.

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The process of capturing sound and video that is transmitted and received over the internet in the form of a non-interactive live broadcast. Livestream productions are available to external audiences via Central Dutch Network and Pella TV during an event. These events may also be available on-demand via Central Dutch Network, barring restrictions.


The process of capturing sound and video to a recording format on a storage medium that is not live. Recordings may be utilized for lectures, on-campus presentations and other campus events. Recordings may be available following an event via Central Dutch Network or Pella TV (upon request), barring restrictions.


What Events We Cover and How You Can Watch

The primary objective of Central’s livestreaming and recording resource is to provide a communication method for large, authorized college-wide activities and educational programs.

The Central communications office will livestream and/or record select musical concerts, home football games, lectures and other campus events throughout the year. The athletics communications office livestreams home volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s wrestling, baseball, softball and select men’s and women’s track and field meets. Central’s livestreamed and pre-recorded events are viewed live or on-demand on Central Dutch Network and simulcast on Pella TV, Channel 41.

Central Dutch Network is also available on mobile apps and smart devices (Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV and Roku). Pella TV is an extension of Pella Fiber, a municipal utility managed by the city of Pella offering internet, phone and TV service.

The following campus events will be livestreamed (LS) or recorded (R) during each academic year, barring restrictions:

Fall Semester

  • Home Football Games (4-6 games per season) — LS
  • Playoff/Conference Championship Events (if applicable) — LS
  • Campus Community Meetings (1-2 per semester) — R
  • Music Performances (8-10 events per semester) – LS, coordinated by the travel and concert manager for the music program
  • Candlelight Concert — LS
  • Endowed Chair Installation (if applicable) — LS/R, determined by location
  • World Food Prize Speaker (if in person) — R

Spring Semester

  • Scholarship Dinner — R
  • Dutchies — R
  • Commencement — LS
  • Campus Community Meetings (1-2 per semester) — R
  • Playoff/Conference Championship Events (if applicable) — LS
  • Theatre Production (if applicable and not on the same weekend as Scholarship Dinner and Dutchies) — LS/R, determined by communications office
  • Music Performances (8-10 events per semester) — LS, coordinated by the travel and concert manager for the music program



If an event is not on the above list, it may be submitted for consideration.

The Communications Office asks that livestreaming and recording requests be made at least four weeks prior to the date of the event. For those wishing to check out a recording kit, contact the Communications Office at least one week prior to the date of the event.

Due to staffing and prior commitments, some livestreaming or recording requests may not be approved and fulfilled. Equipment availability will determine if a recording kit can be checked out.

Before requesting livestreaming or recording services, please contact your Central vice president or dean to discuss the project. Following this discussion, the requestor should fill out the Livestreaming/Recording Request Form. Applicable signatures of the requesting department vice president and the vice president for advancement are required before submitting the form. This will set in writing what is needed for the event and allow the Communications Office to determine availability. Once approved, the Communications Office will work with the requestor in preparing for the event.

If the Communications Office is not available to livestream or record an event, we can work with you to check out a recording kit or arrange a freelancer at your department’s expense. Only certain designated, trained individuals on campus have authorization to livestream independently. Anyone can do their own recording and editing with training provided upon request.

Livestreaming and recording services by the Communications Office are available at internet-enabled spaces of A.N. Kuyper Athletics Complex, Boat/Moore/Weller Rooms, Cox-Snow Music Center, Douwstra Auditorium, Graham Conference Center and Ron and Joyce Schipper Stadium. If the space you are requesting is not on this list, contact the Communications Office to discuss. New spaces may be available around campus in the future, through collaboration with IT Services. Recording kits may be used in any space on campus. Faculty seeking classroom media support are encouraged to reach out to the ITS department.


Equipment Check-Out

Equipment check-out for production purposes is restricted to the Central College community.

  1. Livestreaming/recording equipment will be granted to select authorized individuals that are professionally capable of operating production software in a live event capacity via a laptop provided by the Communications Office.
  2. Livestreaming/recording equipment and recording kits must be booked through the Communications Office.
  3. Training will be provided as necessary by the Communications Office.
  4. Recording kits consist of one camera (including power adapter, battery and one SD memory card), one tripod, two microphones and storage cases. Requestors may contact Steffanie Bonnstetter at to determine equipment availability.
  5. Limited lighting equipment for the recording kit may be available upon request.


The Central Communications Office looks forward to close collaboration with all individuals on campus to enhance Central’s reputation and broaden the public’s awareness of the college’s fantastic accomplishments, mission, people and impact on the world through livestreaming and recording services.


Livestreaming and Recording Contact

Steffanie Bonnstetter
Steffanie Bonnstetter

Director of Communications and Marketing