Central College Brand

Photos & Video

To help build the Central College brand, high-quality photography is essential. Whether the subject is a building, an object or a person, the quality of the photograph should always be superior. The style should convey an in-the-moment, editorial mood, making you feel like you could step into the Central community and be welcomed at any time.

Photos should not appear quiet, deserted or isolated. Photography needs to reflect our brand promise of “connecting the highly engaged to a lifetime of inspired action.” The Central campus is a vibrant, lively place, full of activity and involvement, and all photography needs to showcase students, staff, faculty and the broader campus community coming together to support and inspire one another.

Finally, use only high-resolution photography in all instances to ensure the best reproduction value.

Brand Imagery

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Video requests

In some instances, a video can showcase the Central College brand in ways that a photograph can’t. Requests for video should be directed to Denise Lamphier.